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Chemistry – Unit 01

Measurement and Scientific Methods



Laboratory Safety
Scientific Notation
Accuracy & Precision
Significant Digits (Sig. Figs.)
The Metric System
Conversion Problems (Dimensional Analysis)
Scientific Methods





01.00- Laboratory Safety

    • Textbook P.H. Chemistry pp R80-81
    • Video Lesson 
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    • Links & Files



01.01 – Measurements and Their Uncertainty

  • Scientific notation



  • Accuracy & Precision

Measuring is like trying to consistently to hit a target.

    • Textbook P.H. Chemistry sec. 3.1
    • Video
    • Links & Files
      • Practice making accurate and precise measurements
      • [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”accuracy_precision_qlab.pdf” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”]
      • [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Graduated_Cylinder_lab.pdf” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”]






Sad and embarrassing! Liberia, Myanmar and the USA are the only remaining countries that have still not adopted the metric system.

Sad and embarrassing! Liberia, Myanmar and the USA are the only remaining countries that have still not adopted the metric system.

01.02 – The Metric System

    • Textbook sec. 3.2
    • Video
    • Links & Files
      • [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”metric prefixes.pdf” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”]







01.03 – Conversion Problems (dimensional analysis)









01.04 – Density

    • Textbook sec. 3.4
    • Video
    • Links & Files
      • Density Lab
      • Density Lab Graph  *To use this file you need to log in to your gmail account, then select ‘make a copy’ from the file menu.  After you type in a new name and click OK, the file will be added to your Google Drive files.  You can then edit the data and the graph will update itself.
      • Density lab final instructions







01.05 – Scientific Methods

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Updated: February 27, 2017 — 12:21 pm

Study Reveals Evolution of the Ribosome in New Detail

What good is DNA without a ribosome?  Considering how the ribosome has changed over the last 4 billion years gives insight to the crucial nature of its role in biology, the unity of all life, and the process of evolution.

In the new study, Williams and Research Scientist Anton Petrov compared three-dimensional structures of ribosomes from a variety of species of varying biological complexity, including humans, yeast, bacteria and archaea. The researchers found distinct fingerprints in the ribosomes where new structures were added to the ribosomal surface without altering the pre-existing ribosomal core from the last universal common ancestor.140630164012-large

For a video on the origins and evolution of the ribosome, visit:

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